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Some Gods Will Fall users have been wondering how to heal, a useful skill that you will learn to use today.

What is Gods Will Fall?

This is the action adventure video game with "roguelike" touches, which has been developed by Clever Beans and was released on January 29, 2021. As you may already know, in the game, you will have to choose between 8 Celtic warriors from your group.

This will allow you to know which of them is the most suitable to face the multiple gods that control their world. And here knowing how to heal is essential to be successful.
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How to heal in Gods Will Fall?

When entering a dungeon in Gods Will Fall, a red bar will appear on the left side of the screen, this corresponds to the vigor of your character and is like a health bar.

If you run out of stamina you will be trapped in the dungeon and may even die depending on the setting and each character has different amounts of stamina.

The point here is that to heal, you basically need to regain vigor.

This can be done by eating an item that you specify will bring you back to health.

Another way is by killing enemies in combat, this will allow you to unleash a battle roar that turns your bloodlust into force. You can run the shelter by pressing L2 when you have accumulated enough bloodlust.

Keep in mind that the more bloodlust you have, the more damage you will do and the more vigor you will get.

 Now that you know how to heal in Gods Will Fall, you are more ready than ever to restore your health and be almost invincible, always try to be attentive to your level of vigor so as not to get trapped or die in a dungeon.

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29 January 2021
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