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Bosses are usually complex in Gods Will Fall and for this reason we will explain how to beat Carnoccus

Who is Carcoccus in Gods Will Fall?

 In this game we are presented with some complex bosses and specifically Carnoccus is a god with whom it is necessary to fight, as you will understand we will have to prepare for a strong battle, however, knowing how to defeat Carnoccus makes us understand in the first instance, that it is vital weaken it a bit, because it has the physical appearance of a large pig that chose to chase us throughout the arena, the detail is that it has two health bars which makes it a difficult fight, however, we can weaken it a little so that your health can be somewhat reduced and thereby take advantage of Gods Will Fall.

Knowing how to beat Carnoccus leads us to explore the brand to look for a total of 3 rock pillars, we must manage to eliminate the vassals that protect them, and even though these may be larger than Carnoccus itself we manage to defeat him with a few blows, with This done, this god will lose a little of his health and we will realize it as soon as he makes a roar, in this way the doors are opened to us to start a fight against him in Gods Will Fall because we will have some advantage but we should not trust ourselves because the health of this enemy can vary.
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    How to beat Carnoccus in God Will Fall?


    •  This battle will start on the opposite side of the arena and this god will seek to pounce against us, his objective is to get to where we are, for this it is vital to choose to dodge in addition to stopping an attack.
    • Stopping him will not make Carnoccus fall to the ground, or stop, much less take damage, but he will not harm us either.
    • It is possible to choose to dodge and parry at least five times in this fight against Carnoccus in Gods Will Fall.
    • Dodging allows us to take some distance between the two, and thus be able to attack him with a few blows.
    • Carnoccus will try to attack us with its front legs when lifting them, stopping it could be an option, but it is not recommended because it causes us harm.
    • Our best shot is to dodge and then proceed to attack without hoping to stop it, the idea is to make it run.
    • During this fight about How to beat Carnoccus it is not recommended to use a hero, two-handed mace or ax against this god because it has no effect.
    • The objective to defeat him is to destroy the pillars because this reduces his health considerably and from there we proceed to dodge and charge his attack so that he manages to fall.


    In this sense, knowing how to beat Carnoccus makes us work hard to achieve it in God Will Fall, because hard work pays off and with this fight with this god it is demonstrated.

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