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Knowing how to beat Methir-Shirraidh is a necessary task to perform in Gods Will Fall and here we tell you the details.

Who is Methir-Shirraidh in Gods Will Fall?

This is one of the confrontations that are presented to us in the game, taking into account that it has a long dungeon, it is necessary that we finish off their allies while we progress through the area, in this way their health will be affected, it is important to face them at the right time something that can be complicated in reality, so to get an idea of How to beat Methir-Shirraidh we have this guide and its content, from now on we will see the details if we continue reading, then let's do it.
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    How to beat Methir-Shirraidh in Gods Will Fall?

    We have to weaken him to eliminate his followers as we progress through the dungeon, by killing many we will be lowering their health, so our first step in how to defeat Methir-Shirraidh is to visit all the corners of the dungeon to kill his followers until we reach the sand of this, where it is necessary to cross a bridge that when crossing it we will be attacked with bow and arrows, what we will do is use the pillars to hide, but with great attention to what it does Methir-Shirraidh because it will be seen trying to launch an arrow and it will be resulting in red, because at that moment it shoots in the white areas, which we can take advantage of to cross while we avoid them, the reason is because the red arrows turn out to be complicated to dodge, so waiting until this moment is the best option in Gods Will Fall, then we will arrive where Methir-Shirraidh is located, which will take us to a platform and climb stairs for the confrontation.

    Even though we are at a distance in this confrontation, it is possible that we are attacked in the same way, only that while it is carrying the red arrow we can be hit, but being close it is possible that dodging is achieved with better results, Methir's attack- Shirraidh consists of a blow and then it comes for us in body to body, both movements we can dodge them, when we get rid of the race we will have the great opportunity to hit it a couple of times before it is placed again in our direction, one Once in Gods Will Fall we pass holding some attacks we will see that it will fly and go in the direction of a tree that is behind the sand, it will be in the branches and it begins to make distance shots, something similar to the part of the bridge, here in This time there are no pillars to protect us, but when he makes 3 attacks we will see that he comes again looking for hand-to-hand combat, to solve How to defeat Methir-Shirraidh hare We do the same to avoid the race and hit him, no matter how many times we repeat the same until we have defeated him, a red aura will appear around him when he is totally weakened, it is important not to be around at this moment.

     In general terms, knowing how to beat Methir-Shirraidh allows us to have an interesting fight in Gods Will Fall.

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