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Stardew Valley keeps giving us jobs and this allows us to tell you how to plant Ancient Fruit.

What is the ancient fruit in Stardew Valley?

It is one of the most valuable crops for the game, which will lead us to obtain ancient seeds, only it turns out to be somewhat complicated, but not impossible, so this guide will present the necessary guidance related to How to plant Ancient Fruit, and it is necessary that we pay attention to the details that come from now, let's see.
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    How to plant ancient fruits in Stardew Valley?

    The seed: to obtain it, it is appropriate to locate the ancient seed artifact, because we are talking about the best option, although they may seem similar they are not, the artifact requires the unearthing of some points, which are the tiles that are found around the map with worms that come out of them, in the fishing chests, the artifact trophies, being found through the desert merchant, the island's quarry, or by the skulls that fall in the mine, through the bug enemies and cutting the bushes, after we get the ancient seed the following regarding How to plant ancient fruits we are going to have to give it to Gunther in the museum, which ends up adding it to his collection in Stardew Valley and For this we receive a seed that we can plant, also adding the craft recipe, only the ancient seed artifact is required for its manufacture, in the traveling cart that is in the forest of e Cindersap we can find the old seeds, only considering the parameters of Fridays and Sundays, this by placing some products in the seed creator to increase our possibilities.

     The cultivation of ancient fruit: at this point we must have the appropriate seeds that solves How to plant ancient fruits, which we will do at any time without it being during winter, maturation occurs after 28 days and then we have another 7 days to the production of the fruits, if we get to plant in spring we can still get fruits before winter arrives and the plant dies, it is necessary to have a greenhouse to prevent the fruits from dying with the arrival of each winter in Stardew Valley For this, the pantry packages must be completed in the community center or through a purchase from Joja for 35,000, while a Joja store is present in the community center.

     The supply of ancient fruit: with the help of the farm it is possible to have an increase in the number of ancient fruit plants, once a plant has matured it is necessary that we use the seed creator, which is an object craft that we obtain once we reach level 9 of the farmer skill, then we must have materials such as x25 woods, x1 gold ingot and x10 coals in Stardew Valley that can be manufactured, there are even other options such as completing the community center dye package or In the treasure rooms of the mine, the matter after having one, we only have to place the old fruit in it, which allows the production of 3 new seeds, considering a very low percentage of mixed seeds coming out.

     The different uses of ancient fruit: once we manage to figure out how to plant ancient fruits and access their fruits, we can sell it for the cost of 550 to 1210 gold, depending on the quality and our profession, wine can be made for sell between 1650 to 4620 gold and this always considering the quality and profession, another use that we can give is the old fruit jelly, it has a value between 1150 to 1610 gold, following the sales factors as in the cases previous sales, all this clearly shows that the old fruit has a very profitable value, if it is surpassed by other things such as the sweet gem berry, only that this cannot be produced in quantities, it can also serve as a component for complete a lost package from the abandoned Joja market, something that was added with update 1.4 and 1.5 introduces the remixed package of rare crops if we start from the beginning with this update.

     Now that you know how to plant ancient fruits, it's time to try it at Stardew Valley and tell us how it goes.

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