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The searches do not stop at Stardew Valley which leads us to explain how to get the statue of infinite fortune

What is the statue of infinite fortune in Stardew Valley?

  This game has managed to keep us busy in various activities, but specifically to know how to get the statue of infinite fortune makes us embark on some missions in advance, this implies looking for some rare objects daily that allow us to progress and once we reach the end We will reach the long-awaited statue that is only an unlockable.

How to get the statue of infinite fortune in Stardew Valley?

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    You need to start this search with the following tasks:


     Finding a battery pack: this is one of the necessary objects to get and for this it is necessary to get a lightning rod or a solar panel, because specifically the lightning rod usually produces a battery when it is struck by lightning, we only have to take into account the time to do it and this is because when there are winter thunderstorms do not usually occur in Stardew Valley.

    The lightning rods require a recipe that we access when we reach level 6, because with it, we make this necessary artifact to start our search for How to get the statue of infinite fortune, the ingredients are:


    •  1 iron bar.
    • 1 refined quartz.
    • 5 bat wings.


     The solar panel can be unlocked in Stardew Valley when we get to Ginger Island.

    Get the rainbow shell: It is necessary to carry out this search after having obtained the batteries, we must also consider that this shell should only be looked for on the beach in summer. With the batteries in our possession it is time to take the bus, move through the tunnel where we will see a box where it is necessary to place the batteries, with this begins the search "The mysterious Qi", inside we can see a note from Mr. Qi where he will give us instructions on how to find the rainbow shell, as it is in the box next to the train platform specifically in the northern part of the valley.

    There are some particular aspects to consider in relation to this necessary shell in our search for How to get the statue of infinite fortune and they are:


    •  This shell can be used as a kind of gift that we can give to Demetrius in the mail or Jas to Vincent at the winter star party.
    • This shell can be obtained in a pond where at least 9 rainbow trout can produce it.
    • There is the possibility to sell the rainbow husk for Stardew Valley very occasionally in times other than summer on the traveling cart in the Cindersap forest.


     Find a total of 10 coins: We continue our work to know how to get the statue of infinite fortune and now with the rainbow shell in our possession, it is necessary to go to the box on the train platform for another to receive the next mission that does not It is more than delivering the quantity of 10 beets to Mayor Lewis's fridge for which it is necessary:


    •  Another for buying the beet seeds at Sandy's store in the Calico desert.
    • Wait for it to be autumn to plant the seeds and wait only 6 days for the harvest to take place.
    • Once with the harvest in our hands we went to Lewis's house where we put the beets in the fridge.
    • Next we are presented with the next mission to carry out, and it is "Give the sand dragon his last meal."

    Find a solar essence: we continue the journey, and it is time to work in the search for a solar essence for which it is necessary to get them either by buying them or waiting for some monsters such as mummies or ghosts of Stardew Valley to fall, it is also possible to get it in a pond, since 10 fish can produce a solar essential, in the case of choosing to buy them it is necessary to buy them from Krobus. Now, with it in our hands, it will be necessary to go to the skeleton that is located north of Sandy's tent in the desert and place it on the skull to get this search to be completed.

    Complete the mysterious Qi: we are close to reaching our quest on How to get the statue of infinite fortune and this means that it will be necessary to do one last task, as this leads us to interact with the pile of wood that is next to the house, There we get to see a club card, and it is precisely with it that we are allowed to meet Mr. Qi in the "Oasis Casino", once this has been done, we must return to the desert in order to chat with the doorman in the back of Sandy's store, this for the purpose of entering.

    Buy the statue of fortune: this is the last action to perform in this search and for this we must be in the casino, move to where the man is located next to a plant and have the amount of 1,000,000 gold because this high cost is its value.

    With the statue in our possession it is possible:


    •  Place it as a piece of furniture and thereby ensure that it can produce a daily object.
    • This statue can produce a diamond, an omni geode, a gold bar, or an iridium bar.
    • When it is a villager's birthday he can produce beloved objects.

     Definitely knowing how to get the statue of infinite fortune leads us to work hard on Stardew Valley, this is a worthwhile effort.

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