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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-07-20 18:59:28

More about: Ghost of Tsushima

Now that Phantom of Tsushima will want to know how to augment and use talismans, that is what this guide answers.

What are Ghost of Tsushima talismans?

It is an item that has a large number of items with a variety of benefits ranging from combat prowess to providing usefulness, so increasing and using them will be very important.

How to increase and use talismans of Ghost of Tsushima?

First of all you have to know that talismans are in the world and can also be acquired as rewards, ten in mind that you can use more than one charm as long as you have the number of ranks available to do it.

You can find out how many charms you have available and if you access the "Gear" tag, where could both the spaces and the available slots be.
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If you want to increase the number of slots available, you will have to find and pray in 3 Inari Shrines, it is very important that you have to count when looking for talismans, that the benefits that these bring will be very useful, so investing time in your search will be worth a lot the sorrow

You can easily find the Shrines if you find a fox which means immediately, these will take you directly to an Inari Shrine where you can pray and increase the number of talisman slots it can carry.

What are the charms of Ghost of Tsushima?

Below we put a list of charms and talismans that you have available in the game.

Miscellaneous Charms: Hachimna's Favor Charm. Pre-ordered Ghost of Tsushima. To update

Defensive Charms: Okuninushi Charm. To update. While out of combat, you will slowly restore HP.

Stealthy Charms:
Toxic Death Charm. To update. Wind chimes produce poisonous vapors that kill enemies that pass through them.

Offensive charms

Ferocity spell. To update.

Knocking spell. To update.

Charm of dual destruction. To update.

Utility Charms: Invisible Breath Charm. To update. You gain 25 percent HP restoration with smoke bombs.

This is all you need to know about how to increase and use Ghost of Tsushima talismans, we hope that we have been very useful to you and now that you know all the charms and how it is needed, it prepares you immediately to get them all, they end up much more quickly with the enemies.

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