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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-17 15:43:00

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The deadly weapons in Ghost of Tsushima are simply fantastic and that's why we are going to explain how to get arrows

What is the function of the arrows in Ghost of Tsushima?

They told about some weapons such as bow and arrow, it is simply interesting, on the one hand because it is lethal and on the other hand because it does not make any kind of scandal, because it simply ends up being a valuable weapon that we have here and that we must get the most out of it. advantage.
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How to get arrows in Ghost of Tsushima?

There are different ways `to get the arrows, because we can choose to use any of the following options.

There is the possibility of getting an cache of arrows and this can be found in the forts, the idea is to interact with them just by passing in front, as this will be easy for Jin to refuel, the most interesting thing of all is that they are in a open world.

In the corpses of the enemies but this means that it will be necessary to have killed them with a date, which is not difficult but it is not safe to obtain large quantities.

Buying them, as this requires us to cancel 5 supplies for each arrow, the truth is that it is not a profitable option but some players choose to do it, that is if it is necessary to look for the Trappers of the towns or cities to buy them.

As we go forward we are offered the possibility of having more arrows, this means that it is necessary to buy some improvements to be able to carry more traps, this is simply only possible when we visit the Trapper and bring him an animal, the good thing is that There is a specific one, because we can choose a hideout of an attack bear but what is necessary is that it is classified as a predatory hideout, this allows us to access an automatic update that simply allows us to have more arrows since when we start it is only possible have just 5.

 This is all you need to know about How to get arrows, as it is simply an easy but necessary task on our Ghost of Tsushima journey.

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