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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-12-30 14:01:11

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Guide to learn where to find a strange tooth in Genshin Impact

  The popular Genshin Impact game has shown to have a fairly expansive open-world concept with a variety of eye-catching and curious objects. Focusing on the latter, there is a material called strange tooth (or known in English as Strange Tooth) that is quite rare in the game to the point that to get it you have to go to places with bosses strong enough to fight for a little while. That said, in our guide we will tell you everything you need to get this material. Let's go for it!

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Where to find a strange tooth in Genshin Impact?

The strange tooth is mainly found around Dragonspine which is a newly added area to the game. Even so, this does not mean that it is the only place where it is obtained, rather it has detailed other specific cultivation places that we will mention below:

  • The North River to the Wyrmrest Valley: West of the Wyrmrest Valley is a river that separates Dragonspine from the rest of the world. Just to the exact west of the Valley on the river is a small snowy island. There you can get the strange tooth.
  • Dungeons of the Valley of the Dragon's Rest: Head to the eastern waypoint in Wyrmrest Valley. From here, start navigating in a northwesterly direction until you reach a dungeon. Go into the dungeon to get the material you are looking for.
  • Easternmost tip of Starglow Cavern: It is located at the easternmost end of Starglow Cavern. Head to the landmark of the same and navigate east until you see the river. Right on the ocean shore, you will find the Strange Tooth.
  • West of the Valley of the Dragon's Rest: Go to the western waypoint in Wyrmrest Valley and start moving the northwest path to find a Strange Tooth.

 Now that you know where to find a strange tooth in Genshin Impact, you can use it with total freedom as long as it is profitable for your game. And the truth is that there are more locations, but those are yet to be discovered, and we will take care of updating you once we find out more about it. Luck!

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