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2020-12-30 06:56:53

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Discover How to Find Festering Dragon Marrow to Advance Genshin Impact.

What to know about Genshin Impact?

In order to obtain the festering desire, a new weapon that was added with the 1.2 update of the game, which requires that some resources be obtained for its refinement, considering that we have mentioned weapon, for a normal refinement only A duplicate weapon is required, through the wish system but this time it is necessary to know how to find festering dragon marrow and the solution is later in this guide, let's see it.

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How to find festering dragon marrow in Genshin Impact?

The duplicate path does not apply to this weapon, it is not possible to obtain one, with Durin's purifying poison it can be refined, while finding the dragon marrow requires progress through the event missions of the chalk prince and the dragon, considering the existence of 4 pieces of the dragon's marrow, which we obtain by completing some event missions, it is necessary to add in the first act because no marrow is obtained in this, so collecting crystals and fragment of the edge will supply while we progress.

In order to find the festering desire weapon, you have to buy in the event store, which are several and have different prices, the first one costs 600 glowing essence, the second 600 warm essence and for the other 2 we have each one costs 400 Miraculous essence, where the resplendent is achieved by completing the proving ground events present in the second act, the quality in the draconic pilgrimage events of the third act, and the miraculous by releasing the fourth act, despite the cost of the weapon it will be very high, money must be taken into account as a determining factor to get this weapon.

 Knowing how to find festering dragon marrow is interesting, because it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Genshin Impact.

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