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Angel Marquez
2020-10-15 16:06:25

This time we are back with a Torchlight 3 guide with the objective of explaining how to enchant items.

What to know about enchanting objects in Torchlight 3?

There are consumables to be able to make charms to our objects, but it is important that the objects first have the enchantment slots, in this way it is that an object can be enchanted, otherwise there is nothing that can be done, Now if we want to know How to enchant items, let's pay attention to the content that is presented in this guide below.

How to enchant items in Torchlight 3?


The enchanting table and an altar are necessary, but it is certainly something that we will be able to have by practically reaching the end of the game, being at level 47 is when we will have the recipes and the unlocking of the charms table, when we managed to complete the story mode we have to talk to an NPC, who will give us the table to use in our fort, it is something that does not go down well for us, since it is possible to have recipes and materials to use on the table without it arriving To have it available, this aspect is very controversial, the fact of gathering objects and more to use them after the end is not understood by us.

The only thing to consider is the recipe as a necessary factor for the enchantment, in the recipes it is possible to find some random things that it can do on the table, if we use the shock recipe for example we have some possibilities such as a shock, the duration of a shock, bolts of a shock, the chance to stun, the blind chance and the duration of the blindness, this can be applied to the single slot, now the table can allow us to disenchant objects as well, Those unnecessary can give us materials to serve in other enchantments, the improvements of the objects depend on the materials, being better, more of these will be required.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to enchant items has been useful to have fun at Torchlight 3.

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