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Battlefield 2042 keeps throwing problems which makes it necessary to explain how to fix error code 10011.

What is error code 10011 in Battlefield 2042?

 This is usually a failure with which we get in this game and that is usually a bit complicated because it is usually related to the way in which EAC is usually working on our device, although it is true, we are in the middle of software designed to make cheats not run, we will see that the game itself can make us feel somewhat frustrated.

 It should be noted that knowing how to repair error code 10011 is a necessary task because this failure usually shows us an Easy Anti-Cheat pop-up window where we are told about the error and this is where things become difficult for us, however, It is necessary that you continue reading so that you can apply an answer and continue playing with peace of mind.

How to fix error code 10011 in Battlefield 2042?

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    It is necessary to bear in mind that the same solutions do not serve us all, in this sense, it will be necessary to pay attention to each one of them and apply them in the hope of getting out of the error.


    •  Verify that the drivers are up-to-date: this is the first action to execute, since outdated drivers usually cause us some amount of inconvenience, this usually applies to both Nvidia and AMD.
    • Verify that Easy Anti-Cheat is on the list of safe programs: this is another important task to check to find out how to fix error code 10011, this because in many cases the antivirus ends up detecting games and programs as if they were viruses .
    • Turn off the Epic launcher if it is working: this is an action that is usually done to be able to play Battlefield 2042, this because on many occasions, there is the possibility that it may be running in the background and therefore generate a kind conflict.
    • Choose to uninstall and reinstall Easy Anti-Cheat: This is another applicable alternative that can make this failure simply not happen.

     Contact AE and this is usually done through @EAHelp or by accessing the game page.

     We conclude this guide on How to fix error code 10011, hoping that these solutions provided here can solve the failure in Battlefield 2042.

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