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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-05 01:18:02

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Knowing how to solve the Luhua pool puzzle is one of the interesting tasks that we can do in Genshin Impact to progress.

Why complete Luhua's pool puzzle in Genshin Impact?

  This is a game where adventure and exploration have a lot to offer us, since missions and challenges are everywhere, which allows us to get some puzzles, perhaps some smaller than others but each with its own level of importance, however This Luhua pool puzzle has its degree of importance since it allows us to continue our progress, this is because this game takes place in an open world.
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How to solve Luhua's pool puzzle in Genshin Impact?

 Our work starts in Luhua Pool which allows us to enter the mission "Vermeer, an artist looking for inspirational material near Luhua Pool, seems to have found an obstacle, and is looking for help ...", which will lead us to locate a yellow circle on our map and there we located two statues, each one holding a type of weapon, these are large.

 Then it will be necessary to climb the statue that is located on the left side, we proceed to move until we reach the face avoiding that our resistance can be affected so as not to fall, once on the face it is necessary to insert an object from the search for the Strange Stone of our inventory, then it will be necessary to go to the other statue, to insert the other stone, considering that it is necessary to be alert of the enemies since they can choose to attack us and this implies being attentive to attack them with arrows, as soon as we complete the inserting the stone in the second statue we get a reward and it is just a sequence of short dialogues to make it clear that the mission has been completed.

 This is all we need to know about how to solve the Luhua pool puzzle, since it is only necessary to be careful not to be attacked by enemies or fall in Genshin Impact.

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