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Guide to learn how to get the Tri-Seal in Genshin Impact

  There is a moment in the game when you have to perform a hidden investigation in the Dadaupa gorge that forces you to break three seals that protect a chest. So it is your duty to collect the three seals that will tell you everything you need to know to lift each of the seals from the nearby fields so that you can break them and loot the chest that is inside. So in this guide we will teach you how to obtain them with this guide.
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    How to get the Tri-Seal in Genshin Impact?

    One of the main story missions takes you to the Dadaupa Gorge. On your radar, there is an NPC here (Dr. Livingstone) who tells you a story of the Graveyard of Swords and the three special seals that block the treasure inside. He asks you to find out how to break the seals in three nearby campsites.

    You have to kill 10 enemies in the allotted time. Once you have killed the enemies you will have to use ice on the pedestal to unlock the first seal of the Tri-Seal. This is done to the north of the arena.

    The next one, to the south, is on a small lake. In the lake there is a group of enemies and a pedestal. Take down enemies and then use Lisa's item to interact with the pedestal to break through the second barrier protecting the chest.

    Finally this is done to the Southeast and requires the Pyro element. It's another little fight against a group of three enemies. Eliminate enemies to create a chest and free the Pyro pedestal. Use the Pyro on the pedestal to lift the final seal.

    Once you have broken all the seals, return to the Graveyard of Swords for a Deluxe Chest.

     Now that you know how to get the Tri-Seal in Genshin Impact you will be able to complete one of the most important missions in this game. Luck!

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