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2020-09-29 07:36:28

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Guide to learn how to revive characters in Genshin Impact

  While you are in a battle, it may be the case that some of your companions fall dead in the middle of combat and you need their outside to be able to defeat the enemy, so it is necessary to know how to revive them, and in this guide we will teach you how to do it. That's to be the last person standing in combat.
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How to revive characters in Genshin Impact?

There are specific items that you can use in your inventory to bring them back. To find it, open your bag and look in the different foods that you have for objects that revive the characters. These will be different from the ones that heal your party members and even your own character.

Select the item and give it to the fallen party member and their icon will return with some health. The first revive item you receive, the Teyvat Fried Egg, only returns 100 health points, so that's not much. You have to use other health items if you want to have them fully ready for battle.

You can also choose to click the icon or tab number next to its name if you're playing on a PC to instantly use a revitalization item. Once they are ready, you can return to combat with them and continue your adventure in the game.

You should make sure you have a handful of revitalization items in your bag to ensure that you can easily restore any party members who fall in combat.

 Now that you know how to revive characters in Genshin Impact you can keep the last of your companions standing as long as you bring the necessary food for their recovery with you. Luck!

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