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Genshin Impact: How to fix Failed to check for updates Error

2020-09-29 07:28:48

Crashes are a normal part of games and Genshin Impact is no exception, which leads us to tell you How to fix Error when checking for updates

What causes the Error when checking for updates in Genshin Impact?

  Although this game is barely true and is coming to light, it has managed to attract a considerable number of players, but along with it a drawback that is clearly related to the servers, since they do not seem to have the capacity to host so many users together.

How to fix Error checking for updates in Genshin Impact?

 PC solution.

 Before going to a solution it is necessary to check some elements, as it is necessary to open the task manager to locate the game as such and check the list of applications that may be running, we can choose to close it and play again to test, in the same way In this way, it is possible to manually execute the update.exe file, and proceed to navigate to the directory in which the game has been installed, perhaps the file is not there and therefore this error appears, which leads us to choose to restart our PC and they are it we solve.

 Solution for mobile devices.

 If we get this error it is necessary to go to the application store, once in Google Play or iOS App Store, locate the game and proceed to click on the title so that we can update it manually from the store.

 Solution for PS4.

 It is necessary to turn off the game and start it again with this should be enough, however, if this does not occur it is possible that we will need to reinstall the game, of course this means that it is necessary to spend some amount of time, on all because sometimes servers can become unstable.

 In this sense, knowing How to fix Error when searching for updates is simple, it is only necessary to follow the indications according to the platform to continue enjoying Genshin Impact.

PlayStation4 PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC, Android
Action role-playing
Release date:
September 28, 2020
Single-player, Multiplayer
age rating:

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