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The adventure in Genshin Impact has gotten us hooked which leads us to explain how to get Homa staff.

What is the Homa staff at Genshin Impact?

This game allows us to do a considerable amount of activities that simply cannot be missed, so knowing how to get Homa staff allows us to understand that it is simply a staff, as we will remember since this game came out on a monthly basis they have managed to draw characters with whom it is possible and feasible to play, as well as getting some unique weapons to take full advantage of, in fact, this staff is among them, and it is not possible to miss it.

How to get Homa staff in Genshin Impact?

 This February 23 is scheduled the departure of a banner of weapons, here we are offered the opportunity to prepare a weapon, for our good fortune there is the possibility of soon having a 5-star character for which it is necessary to get the "Lapida of the wolf and the Staff of Homa ”.
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    The Tombstone of the Wolf: it does not really have any ability of greater attraction, however, it plays an interesting role so getting it is not a bad idea.

    The Homa Staff: this is simply perfect for Hu Tao, and we have the possibility of obtaining it, for this it is good to consider some aspects:

    • This banner will be available from 6:00 p.m. on February 23 to 3:00 p.m. on March 16.
    • Obtaining this staff requires the use of some primogems.
    • There is about a 75 percent increase in the rate of decline which indicates that there is a considerable amount of chance of achieving this.

    There are two ways to get primogems here and one is to get them by spending real money, however, there is another way to get them and for this it is necessary:

    • Do missions.
    • Make daily orders.
    • Unlocking fast travel points.
    • Adventure rank increased.
    • Opening chests.

    As soon as we have obtained the Homa Staff it is important to know its abilities and these are:

    • Provides an ATK bonus based on 8.8 percent allowing an additional 1 percent of the bearer's maximum HP.
    • Increase HP by 20 percent.
    • Has the chance to increase the ATK bonus by an additional 1 percent of maximum HP when the bearer's HP is typically below 50 percent.

     There are some ascension materials that allow increasing and refining the level of the skill and these are:

    • Aerosiderite grain
    • Dead ley line branch
    • Silt condensate
    • Chunk of aerosiderite
    • Dead ley line blades
    • Slime secretions
    • Chunk of aerosiderite
    • Ley line bud
    • Slime concentrate
    • Piece of aerosiderite.

    In this sense, knowing how to get Homa personnel allows us to get an interesting and necessary weapon in Genshin Impact.

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