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2020-12-28 07:32:55

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Learn how to refine the Festering Desire, a necessary task at Genshin Impact.

What to know about the Festering Desire in Genshin Impact?

During the Prince of Chalk and the Dragon event we will be able to obtain the purulent wish, which is a free sword, but once progress is made in said event there is the possibility of improving it to make it more powerful, this happens in 2 stages that occur in additional ways to the main event and that we have to activate it, then this leads us to seek to know how to refine the festering desire and the details come next.
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How to refine the Festering Desire in Genshin Impact?

In the second level of refinement: it is required that we play through the disorders of the law line in act 2, which by a red icon mark on the map we can identify, we just have to interact with them and the enemies, we have to kill them and in this way we access a chest that brings 140 resplendent essences with it, we have to cultivate them until we reach 600, thus being able to buy an object from the store called the purulent dragon marrow, by having it you have to go through the character screen, go to the weapons and with this object we improve the sword to the second level of refinement

  Finally, we now know how to refine the Festering Desire, allowing us to move on in Genshin Impact.

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