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Ambar Jimenez
2023-08-30 14:45:37

Gaming remains arguably THE biggest niche within global entertainment, and generates multi-billions per year in revenue worldwide. While the latest consoles and newest games help to drive the sector forward, its success is built around the choice people have in terms of how they play. Online gaming is a classic example of this and is a very popular way for people to play games. This can include playing mobile games online or online games via your PC or console. 

The rise of online gaming shows no signs of letting up in 2023. This has actually thrown up some hot trends to take note of and some key insights to take on board. But what might these be? 

iGaming remains a top niche within global online play 

Valued at just over $75 billion in 2021 and predicted to hit a market value of around $150 billion by 2030, the rapid ascent online casino gaming has enjoyed is very evident. With each passing year, this is a niche within global gaming that seems to find more fans and new territories to unlock. The emergence of iGaming around the US recently is proof of this, as is the changing stance on iGaming in other parts of the world. 

A good example is Canada, where Ontario recently launched its own legal iGaming market in April 2022. There are also a good number of safe and fun offshore casino platforms that accept Canadian players and help the iGaming scene flourish. Jackpot Village is a popular site to game at for Canadians and shows just why iGaming is still a hot topic in 2023. 

VR in online gaming gaining traction 

Whether it is where to locate Nitro Fang cars in Chapter 4 Season 4 of Fortnite, or which genres of games are most popular, keeping up with the latest online gaming news is crucial.

Although it is not a new development by any means, any roundup of insights in the current online gaming sphere must include virtual reality. While VR has existed in gaming for many years, it is only recently that it has truly emerged as a viable option for online gamers to enjoy. This is largely down to the hardware needed to play VR games becoming more affordable and useable, and more developers producing cool VR games to play. 

But what is it about VR in online play that makes it a hot trend? It is mostly due to the immersive nature of the gameplay and the way it puts you right into the heart of the action. The top online virtual reality games (such as Blade & Sorcery or Elite: Dangerous) are played by people on a global scale in 2023 and this makes VR gaming online a hot topic. 

Blockchain and crypto for online gaming

Insights into the online gaming sector must also at some point mention cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech. Crypto, for example, is making huge waves in online casino play, where more iGaming platforms are allowing people to play with currencies such as Bitcoin. In addition, dedicated crypto casino sites are changing the face of iGaming and giving players an alternative to standard internet casinos.

Cryptos and the blockchain tech it is backed by are also making their mark in the video gaming sector right now. NFTs are a good example of this – players are able to collect unique in-game tokens to trade or sell to other players. In addition, there is a range of NFT-based games (such as Axie Infinity or Sorare) that people love to play in 2023. 

The metaverse 

If you enjoy playing games online then one blazing hot trend to keep an eye on is the metaverse. This is essentially the next version of the internet and will transform how we play games digitally. This will be achieved through a seamless blend of offline and online play, via virtual reality hardware. 

Whether it is video games based in the metaverse or casino classics available there, gaming in this manner is set to offer a more immersive, more realistic experience than ever before. As you can create your own avatar to explore the metaverse with and interact with other players as you go, it is also set to make gaming online even more social. 

Although it may not be up and running yet, this is a hotly debated development in online gaming currently and one that any keen online player should keep abreast of. 

Top trends and insights for online gamers in 2023 

From iGaming to VR, blockchain and the metaverse, there are certain trends in online gaming that stand out. It is important to stay on top of these as a gaming fan, and as someone who likes to have fun with internet-based games.


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