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2022-10-13 22:45:37

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The current season of Battle Royale continues to advance and that is why today we will tell you how to get a Guaranteed Mythic Rapid Fire SMG in Fortnite.

What is the Mythic Rapid Fire SMG in Fortnite?

It is one of the weapons that you can find in the game with the arrival of the current season of the game. Rapid Fire SMG can go through buildings and deal heavy damage to an opponent in, as well as having a mythic rarity version.

How to get  a Guaranteed Mythic Rapid Fire SMG in Fortnite?

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To get the mythical version of the game you will have to nurture a reality sapling until it produces a mythical fruit. Legendary weapons can no longer be upgraded through upgrade banks, so this is the only option.

A mythic weapon can only be obtained by weeding the reality sapling and harvesting its fruit as it grows to become mythic and produces only one fruit.

The key to making sure your fruit will be mythic is planting the actual seed in the desert biome, between these areas is Chonkers Speedway and Rocky Reels, which guarantees this weapon.

For the fruit to reach the mythical level rarity you will have to wait a bit, for this you will have to eliminate the weeds that grow around the plant. So collect the mythical fruit when it grows in the desert biome to get this mythical weapon.

 That's all you need to know about how to get  a Guaranteed Mythic Rapid Fire SMG in Fortnite, so now that we're done, we hope we've been of a lot of help and hope you get the most out of this one.

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