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2020-07-01 14:44:24

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In the Fortnite universe it is possible to get some flashy and necessary artifacts, let's see How to get the flare gun

What is the Fortnite flare gun?

This is nothing more than a new weapon that has been added to this season, and it has some considerable significant value because we had just over a year waiting for this artifact, only those who wait to wait for the flood to occur to make it appear. present present in update 13.20.

How to get the flare gun in Fortnite?

This is a weapon that can do considerable damage, being probably the best weapon obtained so far, since its appearance in the flood is obviously well planned, since this weapon simply becomes a crucial objective to achieve, since it brings with it a project Fairly slow but with impressive radiation impact, allowing us to access enemy boxes even when there is some amount of time to clear them.
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These flare guns can be obtained in some loot chests, perhaps with random spawning on the ground or simply with supply drops, this gun features:

  • 6 shots when picked up taking just 1.5 seconds to recharge between shots.
  • Deals 60 damage to the enemies he manages to hit.
  • It may disappear from our inventory when we execute the last shot.

Definitely knowing how to get the flare gun easily allows us to get much more damage and get interesting rewards in Fortnite.

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