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Fabiola Rodriguez
2021-01-05 00:23:19

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Guide to learn where to find the buried blue coin in Retail Row at Fortnite

  We are currently in week 5 of season 5 of Fortnite and as a tradition the challenges of the week have been released and a great surprise has been more than one to see that a challenge is related to the well-known XP coins that the game previously brought. It may or may not be an indication that they will return, but anyway it is a mission that must be completed and in this guide we will help you. Let's get to it!
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Where to find the blue coin buried in Retail Row in Fortnite?

First you should go to Retail Row that helps to find the general location of the coin. Although it is there it will not be an easy task to find it if you have no idea how or where to locate it, but the good news is that the game helps us by providing a blue glow when approaching the buried place. Then hit it with your harvesting tool and you've got the job done.

Once you are in Retail Row head to the tree next to the yellow house at this location. As you approach the tree, you will notice a blue glow emanating from a mound of dirt near it. When they find you in the blue glow, you will need to dig up the coin with your pickup weapon of choice and keep digging until the challenge says it's complete.

 Now that you know where to find the blue coin buried in Retail Row at Fortnite you will be able to complete the challenge without problems and continue with your game being careful with the other players. Luck!

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