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Fortnite has been in charge of giving us constant challenges and that is why today we will see where to find beach balls in Creative Hub

What does Fortnite bring us?

While it is true it is not a very recent game because we have been talking about it for a long time, but what is true is that Epic Games has proposed to keep us extremely busy every week, because it brings out some number of challenges that simply has us keep us hooked with this game, so it is good to know where to find beach balls in Creative Hub, the good thing is that they are scattered throughout the map and it is necessary to get a total of 5.

Where to find beach balls in Creative Hub at Fortnite?

First ball, under the stairs: It is necessary to duck and go under the stairs of the water source, to find it, this is done on the stairs that are near the east of the bushes, very close to the highlighted islands.
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Second ball, behind the bar: we continue our search and to take it it is necessary to bend down to walk under the ramp, to get to this place it is necessary to go to the bonfire area that is located to the west of the map and it leads us to a beautiful bar , we enter and move behind to play at being a waiter where it will be necessary to observe the carpet that is on the floor, only that going to one side of it can make us sink.

Third ball, The box of red flowers: We continue through the bar area, and to find it it is necessary to bend down to fall into a secret area and choose to take the ball, for this it is necessary to go south from the bar to find a space where there is a stove, sofas, television and of course a box of red flowers.

Fourth ball, the box of red flowers near the basketball court: To get it it is necessary to walk a little to get to fall in a secret area and take it, for this it is necessary to go to the basketball court that is located southwest of the map and observe that there is a box of red flowers to which it is necessary to approach.

Fifth ball, through the painting: This is the last that we need to locate her, we discover them after stooping and walking through a painting, as this is located in the southeast of the map where there is a rest area, here we see that there is a fire pit and paintings on the wall it is only necessary to focus on the yellow and purple one.

This is all you need to know about where to find beach balls in Creative Hub, it is definitely not complicated, it is also one of the interesting tasks that Fortnite offers us, what are you waiting for to carry out this search?

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