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Guide to learn where to find the banana in Fortnite

  Like almost any other food in Fortnite, Bananas are an emergency healing resource when you already have a low standard of living. They also play a role in some of the weekly challenges of the season to gain XP and progress through the Battle Pass levels may have a new interest in this fruit. If you are one of those who want to know where to find the banana either to keep it in reserve or complete a mission, this guide is for you!
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Where to find the banana in Fortnite?

The ideal place to find the banana is at Coral Castle, a named location in the northwest corner of the map. In fact, there are bananas all over the ground in the landmasses surrounding the central structure, and players visiting the area should be able to complete most of the fruit-related tasks fairly quickly.

Being an open area, it is to be expected that in addition to the bananas, other objects can also be found in the Castle, since there are also a series of bonfires in this place. As with the bananas, these campfires are at the center of a current quick challenge, and fans may want to interact with them while in the area. Although you should be aware of the last because it is not always available so it would be uncomfortable to change one challenge to another and not complete any.

In Coral Castle, there are many challenges to be done and many of them are rotating like the capture of gnomes, and there are three of them in total. To locate it, they only have to surround the castle itself, since you can find two to the north of the structure and one to the south.

It goes without saying that the Coral Castle is located just north of Sweaty Sands, which is a place where various NPCs typical of the game can appear so these characters allow players to win and spend gold bars, and the Fans may consider visiting the Sweaty Sands NPCs after they've collected their bananas.

 Now that you know where to find the banana and some extra information regarding the Coral Castle in Fortnite you will be able to complete various challenges quickly on the spot without any problem because you will know how to proceed properly with it. Luck!

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