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2020-08-28 08:58:41

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Fortnite more and more continues to give to do and know where to emote as Thor is simply great, let's see.

What can we expect from the fourth season of Fortnite?

 Without a doubt, Fortnite has been characterized by keeping us constantly busy, since the challenges here are simply interesting and constant, right now it is time to know where to emote as Thor since the Marvel characters have simply been incorporated and this usually gives it a rather peculiar touch .

The challenges that Fortnite brings lead us to complete them with the mere object of obtaining a skin, and they are usually tasks that can be achieved in certain places on the map, so we will not have to walk everywhere when we are presented with an objective, in the case From Thor, you have to complete three stages of the challenge until you reach the Hammer, this is a task that is being done little by little, because dressing up as Thor and emoting is an exciting activity because we simply feel powerful.
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Where to emote as Thor in Fortnite?

 It is important to consider that Thor is not the only character that has been incorporated into this list of Fortnite challenges, as there are other Marvel characters, both villains and Hervores that we get, such is the case of Deadpool, Hulk, Iron Man to mention a few, all have been part of a certain update and at the time we have opted for their skins.

In the matter of incorporating these Marvel characters, it simply gives an interesting twist to the game, since although it is true it is full of challenges, these with the Marvel characters can become more attractive since they have been very beloved characters for a few years ago Furthermore, they are immersed in a map that has undergone some changes, which leaves us a perfect place to know where to emote as Thor and it is the top of a mountain since these will be our next stop.

Fortunately, the mountains are not difficult to find and more when we have a guide on the map that shows us where they are marked, we will be looking at the bottom of the map to guide us, then we pay attention to the white mark on the left side that It is marked, on this mountain it is possible to see some rocks that are simply scattered, the idea is to land in this place since here is Thor's Skin and with it an interesting emote, because here we will see how Thor raises his hammer to invoke lightning thus allowing this to be part of our collection.

At this point we have achieved that the Awakening Challenges are simply complete, only that obviously this will not end there, since we only have to opt for some rewards and continue working a little more, as it is one of the interesting advantages that Fortnite has , offers us constant activity that we simply cannot waste.

 This is all we know about where to emote as Thor, it's time for you to try it, you will see that it is really worth reaching the top of the mountain in Fortnite.

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