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Our work in Fortnite simply allows us to stay tuned, let's see where to get all the XP coins in season 4, week 1

How many XP coins can we get in this season 4, week q of Fortnite?


 This season is loaded with many activities and interesting elements that can brighten up the weeks, because we simply stay busy enough with all the challenges and noting that some changes have been incorporated, the important thing is to know how where to get all the XP coins in Season 4, week 1 is simply an interesting task and has for us a total of 9 coins distributed in this way:


  •  Purple XP Coins: 2
  • Blue XP Coins: 3
  • Green XP Coins: 4


 The challenges can provide us with some amount of coins which can be interesting since XP is a necessary element, they are also directly related to all challenges and can be important in some particular challenges that we get here, such is the case of Wolverine or simply the Docto Doom as these can make our work here a bit more complex.
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    Where to find all XP Coins in Season 4, Week 1 in Fortnite?

     Here we are going to tell you exactly where each of the coins is located since they are truly necessary.


     Location of the 3 blue XP coins:

    •  A coin requires that we get to the ground floor of the ruined structures, there we will break a pile of garbage to get it.
    • Another blue coin is found on the top floor on the east side of the Steamy Stacks building and it will be necessary to break the black box.
    • There is a blue coin on the west side of the map for this you need to reach the shipping containers and break the wooden box.


     Purple XP Coin Location:


    •  There is a coin east of Frenzy Farm relatively close to the road.
    • Another purple coin is on the western edge of Weeping Woods specifically in a bush.


     Location of the green XP coins:


    •  To get it first, you need to go to Steamy Stacks and check a tree, it is there.
    • The second coin makes us travel southwest of Lazy Lake as it is located in a waterfall.
    • The next coin is located north of Salty Springs and we get it under the bridge.
    • The last coin is southeast of the Slurpy Swamp specifically near the water in one corner.


     This is everything you need to know about where to get all the XP coins in Season 4, Week 1, because you just have to walk around the Fortnite map a bit and that's it.

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