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2020-08-27 13:53:27

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We have made for you a PGA Tour 2K21 guide where we are going to explain how to add Backspin, let's see.

Why Backspin PGA Tour 2K21?


  This is simply a necessary task whose purpose is to allow us to execute a shot that can simply overcome a hill on a green, in addition to making a dead ball stop after landing as long as we get the club to hit the ball at the distance of the hole, because this is where the wind simply plays a fundamental role, since the type of shot executed and the distance are simply fundamental factors, to achieve precision.

How to add a Backspin on PGA Tour 2k21?

This is simply a shot that we can make in a somewhat more interesting and more realistic way, something that the previous installments simply did not have with them, and it is only about moving the ball that we are hitting for it it is necessary to hold down L1 in PS or LB on Xbox, there we can see the indicators in the center-left of our screen, then we move our thumb upwards since we can get a topspin but only when we lower it will the Backspin be ready.

The backspin is only achieved by moving downwards, only that as we move towards the white line it will become more complicated to achieve that it can occur perfectly, because it will become narrower, executing this shot well simply allows us land it on the Green, as this implies having made it reverse when it finally lands

 Now that you know how to add Backspin it is simply time for you to put yourself into practice since it will simply be favorable in PGA Tour 2k21.

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