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2020-11-06 07:05:52

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Genshin Impact does not stop occupying us and this allows us to tell how to increase the elemental Mastery, let's see.

What is elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact?

This adventure has allowed us to embark on a number of interesting searches, where resources are a vital element to promote our characters and our weapons, because life in these parts is somewhat complex and very active even when there are only two regions, without However, knowing how to increase elemental mastery leads us to consider that this damage multiplier can bring us some favorable changes in terms of the attack damage reaction of elemental skills to maintain an overall balance.

To increase the elemental Mastery it is necessary to understand that this does not have any impact in relation to the level of our character, what if it is necessary to consider is that each elemental reaction tends to increase in a totally different way, and that is favorable since we do not always We can achieve everything in the same way, keeping in mind that it is necessary to focus on the attack reaction of the abilities.
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How to increase elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact?

 The first thing we should access is the detailed information of the elemental Mastery and this is because it allows us to know about the weapons or artifacts that it can give us, for which it will only be enough to approach the artifacts section from the menu.

 There are some interesting and necessary options to increase the elemental Mastery and these are:

 Using artifacts: We have the possibility of having some number of artifacts at our disposal, each one usually contributes some property and these can all be different, for this it is possible to level them and this can specify these properties.

  •  Atk.
  • Elemental Mastery.
  • Extra HP.


 Using weapons: increasing elemental Mastery is an interesting action and weapons can be favorable, in such a way that we must unlock as many weapons as possible because they will not only increase Atk but also elemental Mastery.

 Once we have increased the elemental Mastery, it is necessary to choose to check it and for this it is necessary to go to the character section where we can see the amount along with other statistics.

 This is all we know about how to increase elemental mastery, it is simply a necessary task that we can perform Genshin Impact and it is highly favorable since this allows us to handle ourselves more easily in this game.

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