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Fortnite allows us to get involved in many fantastic challenges and this allows us to tell you where to visit all the names in a single game

What does it mean to visit all the names in a single match in Fortnite?

This is a game that normally keeps us constantly busy, as the challenges are becoming more attractive and this means that today there are many players, however, knowing where to visit all the names in a single game is more than a challenge, a Extremely simple area, especially because it consists of moving through different places that are marked on the map, in such a way that it is necessary to work as quickly as possible since many other players are probably willing to reach those places as soon as possible. and if this happens we will be the only ones harmed because they will not be available for their respective tasks.
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Where to visit all the names in a single match in Fortnite?

Completing this task is vital and we can do it by moving clockwise, because the important thing is to try to do it as soon as possible, in such a way that we must focus on starting our journey at the Stark Industries heliport, if we are smart and move quickly or we have some good luck we will be able to observe a helicopter and this will be our means of transport to move around and thus be able to complete the objectives set out here.

Now, the idea of ​​this is to get there first since this allows us to find the empty helicopter, in addition to having a note about where the circle could be closed, since our best bet simply becomes in relation to the areas outside the zone that we can hit in advance, and thus undertake a trip around the islands of Fortnite on several occasions, since this usually happens quickly, plus it is safe enough.

Knowing where to visit all the names in a single game simply invites us to explore the entire map, for which it is necessary:


  •  Set the course we want to go in advance and that this is fast because we will not be the only ones with this idea in mind.
  • Find the helicopter, and it is a task that we must do quickly because others will be interested in locating it too.
  • Making use of ground transportation is an option, but not the most recommended because there may be more risks.
  • We must be as careful as possible because the other players will be interested in shooting down our helicopter and this can be done from the ground or simply from another helicopter.
  • The number of areas we need to visit is 17 in Fortnite.
  • One clue to finding locations even when marked is Storms.


 Next we leave you the places that you should visit starting at the Stark Tower and that should be visited in this order.


  •  Stark Industries.
  • Steep cliffs.
  • Lots of steam.
  • Dirty springs.
  • Retail.
  • Rowing.
  • Lazy lake.
  • Cat corner.
  • Foggy meadows.
  • Slippery swamp.
  • La Fortilla.
  • Holly Hedges.
  • Sweaty sands.
  • Coral Castle.
  • Dominion of doom.
  • Salty springs.
  • The authority.
  • Weeping forests.


 Now that you know where to visit all the names in a single game, it's time to go through all of them as soon as possible in Fortnite, as it is a challenge that we cannot ignore.

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