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2020-08-06 09:56:47

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Guide to learn how to help coral companions enter the nuclear age in Fortnite

  Fortnite has implemented a new trend that is the Nuclear Age, and what seems surprising among gamers is that the Coral Companions that can be found west of Lockie Lighthouse are ready to enter the said Nuclear Age.

We have previously seen the Wood Age, the Stone Age and the Modern Age. Now is the time for you to enter the Nuclear Age. Because of this we will show you how to help you make this change.

How to help coral companions enter the nuclear age in Fortnite?

The first thing you must do to achieve this is to head to the island north of the Shark. You can find a Nuclear Container on a sunken ship right next to a rock east of its small island.
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After you have this container, the next thing you need to do is take it to the beach right next to the rock and interact with a nuclear test site that you can find there.

Now is the time to sit back and watch the results as a massive mushroom cloud will explode and an explosion. With that done the Coral Buddies will become configured for the Nuclear Age.

The Friends of Coral predicted the arrival of Coral Castle, as they have marked the rough area that would appear a couple of weeks ago. This fact is very striking because it makes us suspect that they know something that others do not, but We will not know until within the next few days.

  Now that you know how to help coral companions enter the nuclear age in Fortnite, you can switch to the new modality that this famous game brings us.

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