2020-08-06 08:33:13

Guide to learn how to Cross-Play in Rogue Company

For those just starting out in this game, Rogue Company is a competitive third-person hero shooter from Hi-Rez Studios, aiming to be a competitor to similar games in the genre, like Valorant and CS: GO. This game has a factor that impresses many players about the game is the inclusion of Cross-Play and Cross-Save from the first moment. so in this group we will teach you how to do Cross-Play so that your experience in the game is much greater.

How to cross-play in Rogue Company?

For starters, Cross-Play is nothing more than a feature that allows you to play with anyone you want on any platform, as long as they also have the game.

If you want to have this game mode, you simply have to log in to the game and add a friend from whatever platform your group plays on.

You can do this by going to the main menu / lobby and clicking on the plus signs on the right side of the menu. Then type in your friend's account name / username, and they should be added to the party if they're online.

In case you're not playing with a friend, you can skip these steps and go directly to pairing.

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