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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-05 21:22:08

More about: Fall Guys

One of the most interesting options in any game is knowing how to play and we can do this in Fall Guys, let's see.

How to play at Fall Guys?

This is a game where there is the possibility of having a number of 60 players and this in turn allows us to focus on having 5 rounds, as the objective of this is to get to stand when reaching the fifth round, as As competitors are being eliminated, we are faced with the option of progressing through rounds, and it is also necessary to master the controls, as this is a task that takes some time and allows us to have possibilities to launch into the air, grab and jump.

What are the rounds and categories in Fall Guys?

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  • First Round 60 players.
  • Second round 45 players.
  • Third round 27 players.
  • Fourth round 18 players.
  • Fifth round 10 players.


This allows us to try to complete the tasks together because the players are divided into teams.

Race: It is not possible to reach the end of the line by filling the positions of the next round, as this allows you to avoid obstacles to reach the end before the other competitors.

Final: The idea is to be number one as this allows us to win.

Survive: the idea is not to fall or rip off the tail of others, because the surrender usually presents certain conditions to keep us upright.

In general terms, knowing how to play allows us to have the advantage over other competitors in Fall Guys.

PlayStation 4 PS4, Microsoft Windows
Last man standing, obstacle racing, battle royale
Devolver Digital
Release date:
August 4, 2020
age rating (PEGI):

Other Tags
video game, gameplay, price, 60fps, steam

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