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How To Use Cuff Counter in Forspoken? If you're looking to use more skills in the game, you can use the Cuff Counter to take down enemies and earn more points.

What is Cuff Counter?

Cuff Counter is a defensive move that allows you to counter an enemy’s attack before it can land. It’s a powerful and precise tool that can be used to turn the tides against more powerful foes. To use it, all you have to do is press the Cuff Counter button (Triangle for PlayStation controllers and Y for Xbox controllers) just before the enemy’s attack is about to land. If done correctly, it will nullify the attack and give you a chance to launch a counterattack.

How To Use Cuff Counter in Forspoken?

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    Using Cuff Counter in Forspoken is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is wait for your enemy to launch their attack. Just before their attack is about to connect, press the Cuff Counter button. This is Triangle for PlayStation controllers and Y for Xbox controllers on PC.

    Once you press the button, you’ll be presented with a prompt that gives you a few options. You can choose to counter the attack with a powerful attack of your own, or you can opt to use a defensive move that will allow you to dodge the attack altogether.

    It’s important to remember that the Cuff Counter is a precision tool, so you must time your button press perfectly in order for it to work. You can also opt to use the accessibility setting in the game to make sure that your timing is on point.

    Using Cuff Counter in Forspoken is a great way to lay the smackdown on your foes. It’s a powerful tool that requires precision timing to use effectively. With some practice, you’ll be countering enemy attacks like a pro!

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