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How to get Shore Violet in Forspoken? Find out how to get this rare crafting material in this blog post.

What is Shore Violet?

Shore Violet is a crafting material found in Forspoken. It is used to create powerful and useful items such as armor, weapons, and other items. It is usually found in the wild and can be collected by scanning the area with your cuff. It comes in the form of a plant with purple-colored flowers.

How To Get Shore Violet In Forspoken?

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    The first step to getting Shore Violet in Forspoken is to beat the first Tanta fight. Once you have done so, you will gain access to the area of Avoalet, which is where you will find Shore Violet.

    Once you have entered Avoalet, you can use your cuff to scan the area for resources. This will reveal where Shore Violet is located. You can then collect the plants with purple-colored flowers to get Shore Violet.

    Gathering Shore Violet in Forspoken is not a difficult task, once you have access to the realm of Avoalet. All you need to do is use your cuff to scan the area and collect the plants with purple-colored flowers. With Shore Violet, you can then craft powerful items and progress further in the game.

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