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Would you like to learn how to unlock magic spells in Forspoken? Learn more about the game's story and gameplay here.

What is Magic Spells?

Magic spells are special abilities that Lyra can use to create effects that can help her during her journey. These spells can be used to defeat flying enemies, traverse the landscape using parkour skills, or to unlock the locked labyrinths hidden within the world. Spells can be divided into five categories: Attack, Support, Surge, Green, and Blue Magic.

How To Unlock Magic Spells In Forspoken?

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    In order to unlock new spells in Forspoken, you will need to collect Mana and spend it to unlock them. Mana can be collected by defeating enemies, breaking objects around the world, or completing side quests. You can also unlock a few spells by going to a Fount of Blessing, which are located around the world.

    • Attack Magic Spell –
    • Mapped – R2
    • Switch – Press and Hold R1

    The Attack magic spell is the most basic of all spells, with the ability to deal damage to a single target. This spell is great for taking out groups of enemies or bosses as you progress through the early game.

    • Support Magic Spell –
    • Mapped – L2
    • Switch – Press and Hold L1

    The Support magic spell is great for healing, buffing, and debuffing allies or enemies. It is important to remember that this spell is especially useful against flying enemies, as it can provide protection against their attacks.

    • Surge Magic – Press L2 and R2

    The Surge magic spell is a powerful offensive spell that can be used to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. This spell is best used against large groups of enemies, or when fighting bosses.

    • Green Magic –
    • Mapped – R1 and L1

    The Green magic spell tree is focused on helping Lyra traverse the world of Athia. This spell is great for helping with tasks such as unlocking doors, jumping longer distances, activating hidden switches, and more.

    • Blue Magic –
    • Mapped – L1 and R2

    The Blue magic spell tree is focused on defensive and protective spells. These spells will protect Lyra from physical attacks and help her survive longer in magical parkour sections.

    Unlocking magic spells in Forspoken is a great way to enhance your gameplay experience and progress through the game. With the help of various spells, you will be able to defeat a variety of enemies, open new pathways, and explore the world of Athia.

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