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Learn the art of employing mercenaries to How to Use Mercenaries in For the King 2 and conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

In For the King 2, mercenaries play a crucial role in assisting you throughout your quests. These skilled warriors can be hired through contracts that expire after a specific period. This guide will provide you with a structured outline on how to maximize the use of mercenaries and ensure a successful adventure.

How to Use Mercenaries in For the King 2

Understanding Mercenary Contracts

Mercenaries are hired based on contracts that have an expiration date. These contracts are typically for a specific number of days or quests. It is important to keep track of the remaining time on the contract to avoid being left without the support of your hired mercenaries.

Renewing a contract requires gold, which can be obtained through various means. Gold can be earned by completing quests, defeating enemies, selling items, or finding treasure chests. It is crucial to manage your gold wisely and prioritize renewing contracts when necessary.

If you have sufficient gold, it's recommended to renew the contract for continued assistance. Mercenaries provide valuable support in completing tasks and overcoming challenges. Their combat abilities and unique skills can prove to be invaluable assets on your journey.

Benefits of Using Mercenaries

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  • Time-Sensitive Missions: Having a mercenary during time-sensitive missions, like rescuing a prisoner in the first town, can greatly aid you in meeting deadlines. Mercenaries can help you navigate through dangerous territories and defeat enemies swiftly, ensuring the success of your mission.
  • Backup Support: In the second part of your adventure, consider purchasing an additional mercenary before entering the cave. This ensures backup support while the contract on your first mercenary is nearing expiration. Clearing the cave opens up new opportunities, such as exploring the swamp dungeon. Consider buying another mercenary from a nearby town to enhance your chances of success in this challenging area.
  • Flexibility and Strategic Planning: It's advisable to buy as many mercenaries as your team can hold. Having multiple mercenaries provides flexibility and allows for better strategic planning. Different mercenaries have unique skills and abilities that can complement each other, increasing the overall effectiveness of your team. For example, a mercenary with healing abilities can support your team's survivability, while a mercenary with damage-dealing skills can help in defeating tougher enemies.

Maximizing Gameplay with Multiple Mercenaries

  • Assign Roles: With more mercenaries at your disposal, you can assign specific roles to each member of your team. This allows for better coordination and specialization. For example, one mercenary can focus on dealing damage while another can provide support or crowd control.
  • Tackling Tough Encounters: Tough encounters can be challenging to overcome with a limited number of characters. However, with multiple mercenaries, you can tackle these encounters with greater ease. By utilizing different abilities and strategies, you can adapt to the situation and increase your chances of success.
  • Diversify Skills: Each mercenary possesses unique skills and abilities. By having a diverse team, you can cover a wider range of challenges and adapt to different scenarios. For example, one mercenary may excel in ranged combat, while another may specialize in melee combat. Having a balance of skills ensures that you are prepared for any situation that comes your way.

Using mercenaries effectively is essential for triumphing over challenging quests in For the King 2. By understanding contract renewals, leveraging their benefits in different situations, and maximizing gameplay with multiple mercenaries, you'll significantly enhance your chances of success. So gather your team and embark on an unforgettable adventure with these skilled warriors by your side!

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