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Discover How to fix multiplayer not working in For The King 2 and enjoy seamless gaming experiences with friends.

For The King 2 is an exciting game that allows players to embark on epic adventures with friends. However, like any online multiplayer game, it is not without its share of issues. From menu access problems to missing games or servers, and even infinite loading screens, these multiplayer issues can be frustrating. In this blog post, we will explore some friendly solutions to help you fix these common multiplayer problems and ensure that you can fully enjoy the game with your friends.

How to fix multiplayer not working in For The King 2

Understanding the Issue:

Before we delve into the solutions, let's take a moment to understand the multiplayer issues encountered in For The King 2. These issues can range from difficulties accessing the game's menu, where players may experience a delay or unresponsiveness, to missing games or servers in the lobby. Another common issue is the occurrence of infinite loading screens, where players are stuck waiting for the game to load indefinitely. These issues can significantly hinder the multiplayer experience and prevent players from fully enjoying the game.

Developer's Suggested Fix:

Fortunately, the developer of For The King 2, IronOak Games, has provided a recommended solution to address some of these multiplayer issues. The suggested fix involves setting the region in the top left of the game's menu to null by default. By doing so, players may be able to resolve certain problems related to menu access and missing games or servers.

Alternative Solutions:

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While the developer's suggested fix may work for some players, it is important to explore alternative solutions if the issue persists. Here are a few additional steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially fix multiplayer issues in For The King 2:

  • Creating a Public Game with Password: One solution that has proven effective for some players is creating a public game with a password requirement. By doing so, you can ensure that only your friends can join the game while preventing unknown players from disrupting your experience. Additionally, it is recommended to wait for at least five minutes after creating the game before having other players search for it by name. This waiting period allows the game's servers to properly register and display the game in the lobby.
  • Restarting For The King 2: Sometimes, a simple restart can work wonders in resolving multiplayer issues. If you encounter any problems while playing For The King 2, try exiting the game completely and launching it again. This can help refresh the game's connection and potentially resolve any temporary glitches or conflicts that may be causing the multiplayer issues.
  • Uninstalling and Reinstalling For The King 2: If the issue persists even after restarting the game, you may want to consider uninstalling and reinstalling For The King 2. This process can help ensure that all game files are clean and properly installed, which can potentially fix any underlying issues that may be affecting the multiplayer experience. Before uninstalling the game, make sure to back up your save files to avoid losing any progress.
  • Deleting Files in AppDataLocalLowIronOak GamesFor The King II Folder: Another solution worth exploring is deleting specific files within the AppDataLocalLowIronOak GamesFor The King II folder. These files sometimes become corrupted or outdated, leading to multiplayer issues. By deleting them, the game will create fresh files when launched, potentially resolving any problems that were occurring. It is important to note that deleting these files will not affect your saved games.

Patience and Waiting for Updates:

If none of the above solutions work for you, it is essential to remember that IronOak Games is actively working on a permanent fix for these multiplayer issues. Game development is a complex process, and sometimes it takes time to identify and address all the underlying problems. Therefore, if you have exhausted all other options, it is best to be patient and wait for future updates from the developer. They are committed to providing the best gaming experience possible and will release patches and updates to address these issues.

Multiplayer issues can be frustrating and can hamper the enjoyment of For The King 2. However, with the friendly solutions discussed in this blog post, you should be well-equipped to tackle any problems you encounter. Remember to try each solution step-by-step, and if all else fails, keep an eye out for updates from IronOak Games. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable multiplayer experience in For The King 2. Happy gaming!

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