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Valheim offers us more interesting activities, and therefore it is convenient to tell you How to make a handmade table

What is the purpose of making a handmade table in Valheim?

This survival adventure has made us dedicate a good time to it, in this sense it is necessary to know how to make a handmade table, since the object of creating it is nothing more than putting together the objects that we get and that they can be used for armor improvements and weapons, but this does not stop there because there is the possibility of obtaining materials and modifying them on the table in order to carry out improvements in our houses.

How to make a handmade table in Valheim?

To achieve this, it is necessary to do some things before reaching the necessary materials and thus manufacture it, this leads us to consider conquering Moder the head of the mountain biome, only this is a somewhat complex task in Valheim, and it is because we make us have to face this frozen dragon, whose objective is to freeze us and to achieve this, it will only be enough to throw ice at us, it is necessary to be attentive and dodge him in order to defeat him and when we achieve this we are allowed to get one of the necessary materials to make the handmade table And they are:

  • 10 basic woods.
  • 10 tears of Moder.

 With the table made we are allowed to elaborate 3 recipes which allows knowing how to make a handmade table simply be great and for them, we require some extra materials which can include food recipes.
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    The spinning wheel: this is a recipe that we can make on the artisan table in Valheim and its purpose is to do a variety of things, here we manage to make linen so that it allows us to use it in weapons, tools and armor, we must consider that linen can obtained in the plains and allows us to make these implements:

    • Black metal atgeir
    • Linen cape.
    • Padded helmet.
    • Padded cuirass.
    • Black metal knife.
    • Black metal sword.
    • Padded Greaves
    • Black metal ax
    • Porcupine

     The blast furnace: this is another necessary artifact in terms of the recipes obtained, which implies that knowing how to make a handmade table allows us to make some casting of materials such as iron, copper or tin, thus achieving:

    • The lectern.
    • The ax.
    • The knife
    • The black metal sword.
    • Flametal from the lands of ashes.

     The windmill: this is another implement that we can make with the artisan table and that offers us the opportunity to make barley flour and from it to make:

     Bread that he offers us.

    • 40 health.
    • 70 stamina.
    • Duration 1800 seconds.
    • 2 HP / tick.

     Blood sausage that offers us:

    • 90 health.
    • 50 stamina.
    • Duration 2400 seconds.
    • 4HP / tick.

     Salmon meatloaf that he offers us.

    • 80 health.
    • 80 stamina.
    • Duration of 2400 seconds.
    • 4 PS / tick

     Fish wraps offered to us.

    • 60 health.
    • 90 resistance.
    • Duration of 2400 seconds.
    • 4 HP / tick.

     Definitely, knowing How to make a handmade table allows us to carry out some search tasks for Valheim and in this way make the most of various elements as possible.

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