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Angel Marquez
2020-10-01 16:25:32

More about: Fallout 76

We return with a Fallout 76 guide with the objective of explaining how to fix disconnected due to having modified game files.

What to know about disconnection due to game files being modified in Fallout 76?

Certainly it was thought that errors in this game were a thing of the past, but due to a new update they are back, this relationship has the server directly having on our screen a disconnected message for having modified game files, however this It is presented without having actually made such modifications, even those of us who install the juice for the first time will also be presented with the same error, now in this guide we are going to take the answers into account on how to solve the disconnection because they have been modified the game files so we must pay attention to the following details.

How to fix disconnection due to Fallout 76 game files changed?

This error means that the files are not where they should be, taking into account that an update download is capable of corrupting the files, causing this error, also the simple fact of the existence of an update can cause them to be unusable, using mods will also become the most necessary cause, possibly, everything that leads us to cheat in Fallout 76 can lead to this error, being necessary to know how to fix disconnected due to having modified game files we have to make the pertinent corrections of the causes that originate it in the different gaming platforms, let's see.

For those of the PS4 and the Xbox One:
the use of the Steam and Bethesda launcher is not possible to use on the consoles to correct the Fallout 76 files, resulting in many limitations in how to fix disconnected due to having modified game files the game files, which will lead us to reinstall the game, being the most extreme we will do, it can become the final option, now the use of a mod can be the cause of this error, so finding it is necessary and update or delete everything, also seeing that when adding a mod we can notice the cause of this error, if we do not have a solution we will go to the last resort which is the reinstallation as we mentioned before.

For PC users:
when the error occurs when installing the game or any update, it is possible that the failure is in the download or installation, since the download may be interrupted in some way, if so, it is necessary that we do it again the update, for this we will use the option to scan for the repair of the Bethesda.Net launcher, we then start and go to the game page, accessing the options menu where we will make the choice to explore and repair, the next thing will be to wait For this to be completed, it is ideal that we do the automatic deactivation of the updates in the main menu, in this way at some point we will not be able to play Fallout 76, although we will be able to prevent the error from occurring, then having the patches download it manually knowing with this How to fix disconnected due to having modified game files.
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Now if we are on Steam, we will do something similar, in the library we have to click the right button of the mouse to access the properties of Fallout 76 and the local files, act to follow it is necessary that we verify them, resulting in a process carried out by Steam and also the possible repair solution, which will lead us to when this ends to start the game and the error should not occur, while if the error turns out to be in a mod, it is necessary to precisely remove this mod to achieve solve How to fix disconnected due to having modified game files, considering some aspects such as the fact that the mods update does not happen regularly and this causes many problems, so it is necessary that we turn off and see is resolved, otherwise we will get to eliminate them all for greater effectiveness and even uninstall everything that is related to the game and reinstall it.

In this way we finalize our Fallout 76 guide, now you know how to fix disconnected due to having modified game files, just apply the steps and continue enjoying this incredible game.

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