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Our journey through Call of Duty Warzone lets us tell you how to get the M13 Slaying moon, let's see.

What is the M13 Slaying moon in Call of Duty Warzone?

  This is simply a basic assault rifle, it is perfectly one of the mods that we have the possibility to customize, since it has an interesting precision and control, since in itself it can be classified as attractive and lethal, which leads us to consider the need to know how to get the Slaying moon M13, especially considering that it is a legendary weapon.
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How to get the M13 Slaying Moon in Call of Duty Warzone?

 This is simply a weapon of a very interesting level, since it has an attractive grip tape, a reputation high enough according to its level, a viper reflex sight, among others, which allows us to understand that it has really fascinating accessories. , but to get it it is necessary to buy the Mara pack: Kawaii Cat in the Call of Duty store, for a value of 2,400 COD points, apart from the weapon it is possible to have other elements such as:


  •  The Slaying Slaying blueprint that is temporary.
  • The epic charm of Nyan Nyan.
  • The legendary weapon blueprint.
  • The epic emblem of the Cat Mara.
  • The epic operator My love.
  • The Legendary Operator Skin Check out Meow.
  • The Epic Metal Kawaii Vehicle Skin.
  • The epic finishing move of the Queen of Swords.
  • The skin of the epic Kawaiicopter vehicle.
  • The epic Solo Purrfect business card.

 Now that you know how to get the M13 Slaying moon, it is time for you to make this purchase, because even if it has a high value simply everything that the package brings with it we can really say that it is worth the cost at Call of Duty Warzone.

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