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Angel Marquez
2020-10-01 16:12:09

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We invite you to discover How to fix error code 277 in this explanatory guide by Roblox.

What is error code 277 in Roblox about?

There are reports by many players that an error is being presented, which is `for unknown reasons, it has to do directly with the server connection, presenting itself as error code 277, indicating that the connection has been lost to reconnect again , Everything seems to indicate that the failure may be on our side in terms of Wi Fi, considering the different platforms on which we can play this game, many of us must want to know How to repair error code 277 and in the following content of This guide will present the possible solutions, let's look at them carefully.

How to fix error code 277 in Roblox?

In Roblox it is necessary that we do some steps that can lead us to solve How to fix error code 277 and these are the following:
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  • The status of the server: it is necessary that we go to the game's server page to know if there is any inactivity of this or if it is in a state of maintenance, now in case the system is in optimal conditions it is not that this is the failure, which will lead us to wait some time to see what happens.
  • Utility tool: We will download this for our PC or laptop, once we have it we will install it and enter the scan now, once this is completed we will see if there is any problem, if so we have to correct and The error will be corrected, then having to do a restart to run the game again and see if we solved the How to repair error code 277.
  • Browser update: knowing which is our default browser, what we will do is enter start, configuration and we will look for the applications that are predetermined on the left of the panel, specifically in the option of web browsers where Google Chrome can appear by default, at enter this it is necessary that we click on some points that are in the upper right part to enter help, in this way a search will be carried out automatically for the updates available for this browser and then we will choose without we will do it when there is available some If so, we are going to download it and it can be installed by itself. After a restart of this browser it will be enough, no matter what our browser is, the steps to follow are the same.
  • Default browser: With the change of the browser it is possible to solve How to fix error code 277 and this occurs when going to start, entering the settings and looking for the applications that are default, where we will find the default Google Chrome and change it by another browser, then do a restart and check if Roblox runs without problems again.
  • Execute compatibility mode: with the right button of the mouse we will enter the game to see the properties, which will allow us to enter compatibility or we will execute the program to enable it, it is necessary that we make the choice of our operating system and then we will give In applying and accepting, finally what we will do is that we will execute Roblox as administrator and we will see if the error is or not.
  • Elimination of the log files: what we will do here is press on our Windows R keyboard to get to a dialog box where we will write Run and press enter percent localappdata percent Robloxlogs, then we will use Ctrl A managing to choose all the files that are in the folder and with the Shift Delete these will be totally eliminated, what we will do later is to enter the Run dialog box again and we will have to continue with the execution of a command percent USERPROFILE percent AppDataLocalLowRbxLogs, we will use the shortcut that will take us to the choice of all the files that are in the folder with the Ctrl A and we eliminate it with the Shift Delete, finally what we will do is restart the PC and see if the error is over.
  • Operating system update: we will go to start to enter the configuration and security update, which allows us to see if there is any available automatically once we enter the search, if there is, it is necessary that it be downloaded and installed, When this happens it is necessary to do a reboot for the changes to take effect, bearing in mind that if what was presented on How to fix error code 277 has not been found with the solutions, let's deactivate the antivirus and the Firewall, even a VPN or Proxy you will have to use, until it becomes necessary to reinstall the game.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to fix error code 277 will be very useful and will allow you to return to action in Roblox.

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