Daniel Hidalgo
2021-03-25 08:47:45

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For this article we will be covering everything you need to know about how to find thargoids in Elite Dangerous.

What are thargoids in Elite Dangerous?

These are intruders who have attacked human space, so many users are wondering how to find thargoids, which they can find here

How to find thargoids in Elite Dangerous?

They can be found in systems located within the Coal Sack, Pleiades, and Witch's Head nebulae. However, it is in the Pleiades and the Head Nebulae where they can be found most often.
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Non-human signal sources can be found in areas with Thargoid activity, these will allow you to obtain an extraterrestrial encounter of some kind given the name and can be found in supercruise, and the scan of a NAV beacon when entering a system will allow you to access all non-human signal sources.

Every time you find a signal source they will have a threat level attached. You can find various combinations in groups or alone depending on the attached threat level, and the higher the threat level, the more difficult, and the lower the threat level, the easier.

Sometimes static locations will allow you to access encounters if you don't want to leave, allowing you to randomly find Thargoids. And they can have one or two interceptors spawned, on the other hand, mega-ship encounters can sometimes cause smaller scouts to appear instead.

The meetings usually take place in:

  • Kamadhenu - Damaged Mega Ships.
  • Wolf 636 - Two permanent distress calls.
  • Deciat - Damaged Mega Ships.
  • Delphi - Permanent call for help.
  • HR 1185 - Permanent Distress Call.

One way you cannot find Thargoids is through Hyperdictions, instead they are a way to find the player. It's basically the act of taking a player straight out of Witch Space while traveling to a different system.

Being Hyperdicted, you will exit the Witch Space somewhere between the star systems it was jumping from and when you retreat the Thargoid will emit an EMP attack that will shut down the ship's systems, activating life support leaving you in front of the alien.

That's all you have to know about how to find thargoids in Elite Dangerous, so now that you know, you can get a lot out of the game with this information.