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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to Equip Items to Pouch in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring presents you with a large number of incredible elements that will allow you to enjoy the game experience even more. One of these elements is the bag.

You must keep in mind that this bag will allow players to access 4 elements quickly and unlimitedly, however, the game does not fully explain how the elements are assigned to the bag, much less how they can be used.

That is why this guide seeks to guide you so that you really know how you can use this bag, which will be very helpful as you advance in the game, so, if you want to know everything about this magical bag, keep reading.

How to Equip Items to Pouch in Elden Ring

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Accessing the Pouch Menu:

  • - Utilize the designated menu button on your controller (typically "Start" or "Options"). This action presents a menu with various tabs, including the pouch situated in the top right corner.

Assigning Items to Pouch Slots:

  • 1. Navigate to the desired item within your inventory.
  • 2. Employ the highlighted "Switch" button prompt (often "Triangle" or "Y") to designate the selected item for a pouch slot.
  • 3. The inventory screen transitions back to the main menu, showcasing the newly assigned item within the pouch.

Pouch Functionality:

The pouch offers a total of six slots for item allocation:

  • - Four readily accessible slots correspond to the directional pad (D-pad) on your controller.
  • - Two additional slots require direct selection from the pouch menu due to the lack of assigned D-pad inputs.

To utilize a pouched item:

  • 1. Hold down the designated "Interact" button (typically "Y" or "Triangle").
  • 2. Simultaneously press the D-pad button corresponding to the desired pouch slot (applicable to the four quick-access slots).

Strategic Pouch Item Selection:

Specific items hold greater value within the pouch for their immediate usability during combat or exploration. Here are some prime examples:

  • - Spectral Steed Whistle: For swift mount summoning.
  • - Spirit Ashes: To summon spectral allies for combat assistance.
  • - Lantern: Provides vital illumination in dark environments.
  • - Boluses: Essential for countering status effects like poison or scarlet rot.
  • - Prattling Pates: Facilitate communication and potentially, jolly cooperation with other players.

Recommended Pouch Layout for New Players:

To optimize early-game experience, consider this pouch layout:

  • - Top Slot: Torrent (Spectral Steed Whistle) for effortless mount access.
  • - Left and Right Slots: Spirit Ash of choice and a frequently used consumable item.
  • - Bottom Slot (Menu Access): Lantern for navigating dark areas.

This is everything you need to know about How to Equip Items to Pouch in Elden Ring, we hope that this guide has given you a little clarity on how to use this incredible item at your convenience, while you enjoy the multiple adventures that Elden Ring has. for you.

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