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We welcome you to our Elden Ring guide, in which we will talk about where to find Mohg.

What to know about Mohg in Elden Ring?

  There are bosses that we will find underground, this in particular is one of them, it is the founder of the Mohgwyn dynasty and king of the palace, we find him in one of the underground areas that we will discover as we progress through the game, it is important to consider details As for where to find Mohg and in the following content they will be present, let's see.

Where to find Mohg in Elden Ring?

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Above the Mohgwyn palace we are going to find this boss in Elden Ring, who manages to manipulate blood and generates blood magic, you have to have cleaned the lake of blood and go through the caverns that are below the palace in terms of where to find Mohg, here we will be at the end with a place of grace near a platform, when it rises it will place us in the Mohg fighting arena, being the upper part that corresponds to the sanctuary, from a pool of blood we will see this boss appear , who is below his brother Miquella, will use many blood magic spells against us, also adding physical attacks that turn out to be complex to determine what it will come with, the sword he has wraps it with blood flame, something that ignites and explodes after the cut, when we reach the second stage of the fight we have to bleed three consecutive times, in this situation we have to heal quickly and get out unharmed The explosion.

We are presented as to where to find Mohg that to get to the palace there are a couple of options, starting with the use of an access door that is located in the western region of the consecrated snowfield, in Elden Ring we will be teleported to the entrance of the lake of blood and the other option is that we go from White-Faced Varre to Rose Church, after the 3 invasions occur we will get a talisman, with which we manage to teleport to the entrance of the palace, avoiding the lake of blood, this last option It is available early, after we have reached the Liurnia, but the difficulty in this palace is quite high, something that is not recommended and that we can leave for the end of the game.

 Now that we know where to find Mohg, we just have to do it to continue progressing while having fun in Elden Ring.

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