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2022-02-24 07:07:17

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With our help you will see that knowing how to summon spirits is easier than you thought in Elden Ring.

What to know about the spirits in Elden Ring?

They are allies that we will have as support in combat, we can summon them using the ashes of those who have fallen, but only one at a time, it is not possible to summon them in multiplayer mode, it should be noted that the spirits have an AI and limited attacks, being ignored in the most complex confrontations such as bosses, now to know how to summon spirits, let's closely follow the following content.

How to summon spirits in Elden Ring?

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It is required that the option be activated for the invocation anywhere, which will be indicated by an arc icon shining on our screen, then if necessary we will do the invocation, we can do this in the different combats, being a great support having an HP and a time limit in our call, through the assignment of the quick menu items we can summon a spirit, it is necessary to have a Spirit Bell for it, then you only have to touch the Bell so that a spell make the call of a spirit, something that does not depend on space or sets or magic.

  Finally, now that we know how to summon spirits we can move on to Elden Ring.

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