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Elden Ring offers us a lot to do and for this reason it is appropriate to explain how to Roll.

Why Roll in Elden Ring?

Simply because it is a game feature that allows us to gain attribute points or load our general equipment, so knowing How to roll gives us the opportunity to move much faster to get out of danger, above all, this is a quality that usually apply perfectly well in case our character is in close combat.

How to Roll in Elden Ring?

It is good to keep in mind that there are four types of bearings and they are:
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  • Light Roll.
  • Medium Roll.
  • Heavy Roll.
  • overloaded Roll.

The bearing can be seen on our status screen, this previously described form of Rolling is how it is usually broken down into fast or slow, medium or nothing.

It is necessary to take into account that the faster the roll, the more invisibility frames our character will have when rolling, and this puts us one step ahead in battles.

These are the equipment charges:

  • Light Sway - 30 percent rig load and below.
  • Medium roll - 70 percent equipment load and below.
  • Heavy roll - 71 percent equipment load and more.
  • Overload - More than 100 percent equipment load disables taxiing.

We must take into account that the equipment load is usually the sum of the weight of our weapons and armor, we must consider the style of play to carry a weapon that can be comfortable, change weapons and armor pieces in order to either lower or raise the number, I remember that to roll the essential thing is speed.

 We have finished this guide on How to roll, so that it will only be enough to apply some changes to our team and thus apply a favorable combat characteristic in Elden Ring.

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