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2022-03-03 08:08:40

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With our help, you will see that knowing how to get to Nokron is easier than you thought in Elden Ring.

What to know about Nokron in Elden Ring?

It is a fairly wide area, and it turns out to be optional in the game, being important for entering the Blaidd search line and for the extension of the Ranni witch, now looking for answers that help us get here we have the content of this guide that will be presented next, let's see it.

How to get to Nokron in Elden Ring?

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The death of one of the demigods of Shattering, Starscourge Radahn, is necessary, we find him on the red sand battlefield that is located in the eastern part of the map, this is north of Redmane castle on the edge of Caelid Wilds, we will reach this point by the use of teleportation, and we will look for a festival to start, the purpose of which is to kill this demigod to claim his great rune, when we achieve this we will see that the domain he had over the stars will be released, then a star is going to split the sky opening the land in Limgrave, in the crater as a result is Nokron, here we can find material upgrades, new bosses and enemies, including an important knife for Ranni.

It is evident that knowing how to get to Nokron allows us to have more fun and progress in Elden Ring.

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