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Keep reading, so you know how to get the Frozen Armament sorcery in Elden Ring, because here we bring everything you need about it.

What is Frozen Weaponry sorcery in Elden Ring about?

This is a spell with a freezing status effect. Which, like the bleed status effect, builds up a meter, which after it fills, causes the affected person to take a large amount of damage equal to a percentage of their maximum health. This spell is perfect for coating your weapon with frost damage, which can stack with certain weapon arts to deal additional damage. It's a spell worth knowing how to get the Frozen Weaponry sorcery, so pay close attention.

How to get Frozen Armament sorcery in Elden Ring?

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The first thing you have to do is go to Liurnia, north of Limgrave on the other side of Castle Stormveil. For this, you can enter Stormveil Castle, where you will have to eliminate Margit and Godrick. Another way to get to Liurnia is by using the cliff path east of Castle Stormveil, by the broken bridge.

Already in Liurnia, you will have to go to the north of the area in search of a hill that will take you to Caria Manor. You will have to watch out for the glintstone spells that will be falling on the hill and head to the mansion, go through the area and reach the boss at the end.

The boss is Royal Knight Loretta, which you will need to take out before exiting Caria Manor and heading to the right. Behind the mansion, you will find a Teardrop Beetle that you must eliminate. When it dies, it will drop the spell, and you can pick it up.

That is all you need to know about how to get the Frozen Armament sorcery in Elden Ring, and we hope we have been of great help to you, so that you can get this freezing effect as soon as possible.

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