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2022-02-22 22:04:26

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Elden Ring is a very busy game, and today it leads us to discover How to find Melina.

What to know about Melina in Elden Ring?

It is an NPC that appears in the game, which we will find at the beginning of the game, we receive help from it to find a mountain and much more, now it is an idea that we know how to find it precisely and to do so we closely follow the next content.

How to find Melina in Elden Ring?

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Throughout the game we will come to find many NPCs who become friends and enemies, it is opportune to see who we trust, Melina has no ill will towards us, luckily, we will get to know her and she will help us, to find her there is to go through 3 specific places at the beginning of the game, in the last one that puts us to rest he will make an appearance and suggest his loyalty, accepting gives us the Steed spectral whistle that is required to summon a mount, it will even help us to let's level our character resting in the places, only that we will need many runes, in these places of thanks we will be able to find Melina while we continue progressing in the game, she will participate in support missions and in exchange we have to take her safely to the foot of the Erdtree, the which ending the game is found.

This is all there is to know about How to find Melina, you just have to apply the instructions presented here to continue in Elden Ring, a very busy game.

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