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2022-03-02 17:42:04

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With the arrival of Elden Ring there are many things to learn, so in the following article we will tell you how to duplicate remembrances, so pay attention.

What are memories in Elden Ring?

It is one of the elements that you will have to get in the game on your way to become Elden Lord. That is why it is important that you know how to duplicate memories.

How to duplicate remembrances in Elden Ring?

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The first of the memories you will find belongs to Godrick the Grafted, one of the most powerful bosses of the game, during a mission of the main story. With this souvenir you can get 20,000 Runes, although you can exchange it for a unique weapon that you can't get elsewhere.

If you want to get another Souvenir you will have to go to the mausoleums, difficult challenges for your combat skills, which will allow you to choose the other weapon from the Souvenir you couldn't get.

That's all you need to know about how to duplicate remembrances in Elden Ring so now that we've reached the end, we hope we've been as helpful as possible so you can get the two benefits that souvenirs offer you.

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