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We welcome you to our Elden Ring guide with the aim of explaining how to beat the Stormhill Golem.

What to know about the Stormhill Golem in Elden Ring?

This is one of the bosses that we will face, one of which becomes an obstacle that requires great effort to overcome, so we will depend on an adequate strategy, even if these are optional, the reward is worth it, to understand How to beat the Stormhill Golem let's keep a close eye on the following content.

How to beat Stormhill Golem in Elden Ring?

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Close to the Gatefront ravine site of grace we find this boss inside some ruins, which is well hidden in Elden Ring, we have to focus on the surroundings of the place to detail some eagles that fly in a circle over his head, at shooting them wakes up the Golem, which uses the halberd as a weapon, applying sweeping attacks with it, which ends up knocking us out if we are very close, as for How to beat the Stormhill Golem there is a lot of advantage in the use of magic, because these will quickly weaken him, while we are distanced from his powerful attacks, in the case of enchantments it turns out to be problematic, for archers and melee it is ideal to attack him from behind, using weapons such as the hammer that are blunt in force to cause damage, considering that it is a slow enemy we can hit it before it uses the halberd.

Now the moment we see the halberd rise it is because it will come with stomp attacks, which we will dodge or jump to get out unscathed, while if we notice that it moves away when moving its head backwards we have to be careful to dodge, because it is an exhalation of fire, jumping backwards is enough, the points of greatest weakness that it has are the legs, when attacking it in this area we will cause it to fall and attack it in the chest, with the help of Torrent we will have greater mobility to hit it by the knees and legs to beat him quickly.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to beat the Stormhill Golem has been very useful for your fun and progress in Elden Ring.

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